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Adnews features creatives with influence, so it’s no surprise that longtime Lunatic Fringe Creative Director Fumihiko Eguchi can be found on a two-page spread of the publication’s most recent Film Annual—with a mention on the cover, no less!


Movers and shakers of the Utah and Colorado Marcom industry can peruse Fumi’s story, spanning the world from here to Japan and fueled by heart.  It’s the success story of student, autodidact and educator that the LF family knows so well.

If you’re unfamiliar with Fumi’s creative journey, here are some highlights from the article:

-Fumi was in part drawn to hairstyling by its similarities to Origami.  Each affords opportunities to play with light, space, and angles—simultaneously emphasizing beauty at-hand and beauty withheld.

-Fumi, who photographs the seasonal Lunatic Fringe collections that adorn the walls of our salons, is a self-taught photographer.  Gaining skills in this medium helped Fumi to better understand other aspects of his art as a stylist, especially with respect to light and space.

-In his first year as Creative Director at Lunatic Fringe, Fumi and his team won the North American Hairstyling Award (NAHA), pictured below in Adnews.


-Now, as Creative Director, educator, photographer and stylist, Fumi travels nationally and internationally “to reignite the passion through education.” He works to increase awareness of the industry as an art form—often unsung in mainstream schools of thought.

Careers like Fumi’s exemplify the power of a determined, creative mind to cultivate vision by drawing inspiration from myriad sources—from art forms like Origami and photography all the way to Japanese street style—and synthesize it with groundbreaking results.

Keep an eye out for Fumi and the Creative Team’s Spring Collection!