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by Jane Stringham

We may be celebrating the Power of Pink this month, but Jake Thompson’s NAHA entry has us basking in dynamic, fiery reds.  And the latest press agrees!  In addition to features in Hair’s How and Salon MagazineSophisticate’s Hair Style Guide, pictured below, venerates Thompson and his innovative collection.


Jake’s entry was chosen as a finalist in the 2016 North American Hairstyling Awards’ Hair Color category.

Red is passion, blood, love, anger—it runs the gamut of strong emotions.  Thompson harnesses all this oomph into one, powerful series: “[Red] grabbed me.  In the past I have tended to shoot fairly dark stuff, but this year I threw that all out the window.” Jake’s designer influences include the likes of experimental and monochrome-heavy Gareth Pugh, for example, so it’s novel for coworkers and fans to witness Thompson work with color.  “I wanted red in every element of my collection…very tone on tone.”

This stylist is no stranger to press!  His previous awards include: NAHA Avant Garde Winner 2011 & 2014, NAHA Nominee 2006, 2012 & 2013 and AIPP Presse Coiffure Nominee 2015 for Best Commercial Hairstyling.  You can find Jake behind the chair at LF Sugar House, jaunting around the world to educate up-and-coming stylists, and shooting collections (both his own and other artists’).  For a dose of creative inspiration, follow Jake Thompson on Instagram @jakethompsonhair.