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Zach Gregory

Master Stylist

9217 S. 1300 E.
Sandy, UT 84094
T: 801.256.6884



Blonding, Balayage, Extensions, Cutting, Curly Hair


About Zach

Zach has had a deep passion for the beauty industry in every regard, whether it be through art, fashion, literature, or hair and makeup, since he was really young. This passion led him to become a well established lifestyle and wedding photographer, painter, as well as a dedicated salon professional. Through photography, he found a love for hair design and the amazing transformations that come with it! Zach became intrigued and motivated most by how the shape, movement, and color could make someone feel beautiful. He then changed his focus in life from photography to hair, where he felt he could make a bigger impact in other’s lives. Zach’s personal life revolves around everything creative, including painting, sketching, photography, fashion and pottery.

Zach grew up as an artist with an affinity for painting. To him, hair is yet another canvas where he can express the beauty he sees in others and bring it to life so they can see the beauty in themselves. He is dedicated to the journey of giving you your dream hair using the most innovative and high quality products, so that your hair stays beautiful and strong.

Advanced Education & Awards:

Beacon 2020

NAHA and PBA 2020

Taylor Andrews Academy of Hair Design