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Fall is just around the corner and as the chilly air creeps in, we all begin to crave a little change. 

“When I think of moving into fall I think of shiny, glowy hair and refocusing on moisture,” said Megan Holbert—Master Stylist, Kérastase Ambassador and Co-owner of Lunatic Fringe Cool Springs in Tennessee. 

Megan recommends Elixir Ultime by Kérastase because of its’ versatility and nourishing properties. “Elixir Ultime can be used on wet or dry hair and adds that extra shine to the hair. It can also be used as a pre-shampoo to help strengthen the hair before you wash it.”

The Aura Botanica line by Kérastase has also become increasingly popular due to its unique and natural ingredients, said Megan. The shampoo contains Amazonian Brazil Nut oil and Thai Rice Bran Oil to ensure your hair does not dry out during the cleansing process.

Kaeslyn Rivera, Stylist and Co-owner of Lunatic Fringe Holladay, agrees: replenishing the shine and moisture in your hair is increasingly important as we move into fall. 

Kaeslyn recommends applying Supershine Moisturizing Cream by Oribe into wet hair before styling it to prep the hair. Implementing this step into your hair routine will help calm frizz, nourish the hair, and add a high-gloss shine to your final look. The Supershine Moisturizing Cream also protects from heat-styling and other potentially damaging elements. 

For styling, Kaeslyn likes Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray by Oribe because it adds the texture many people crave, without overdrying the hair. “It is enriched with oils so that it doesn’t leave your hair feeling dry.” 

Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray by Oribe

Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray by Oribe

Ultimate Repair Masque by Shu Uemura

Ultimate Repair Masque by Shu Uemura

Cole Carlstom—Stylist at Lunatic Fringe Parleys Way, Educator and Shu Uemura Ambassador—says that now is the time to start the post-summer reconstruction. For that, he recommends the Ultimate Repair Masque by Shu Uemura. 

For those that choose to go darker during the cooler months, Cole says Color Lustre is his go-to product from Shu Uemura for anyone wanting to “protect their rich color and maintain true tonality.”

Regardless of your hair goals this fall, implementing the proper products into your hair care routine is crucial for maintaining and improving the health of your hair in between salon visits.  We want you to love your hair every day just as much as the day you leave the salon. 

// By Casie Peterson