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Noelle Breckenridge

Master Stylist

836 West Broad ST.
Boise, ID 83702
T: 208.955.0400

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About Noelle

My name is Noelle and I’ve been with Lunatic Fringe for over a decade and in the industry for almost 20 years. My greatest passions are within color, textured/razor cutting, and extensions. I love natural “lived in” highlight placements, creative color formulations, and have a strong focus on maintaining the integrity of the hair while making changes. For this reason I’m very passionate about treatments, at home care, and color additives to keep hair as strong and shiny as possible.
I love the authentic connection that forms through the hairstylist/guest dynamic, and truly feel blessed I get to meet so many amazing people and am entrusted to manifest their hair dreams while also getting to form unique relationships with each of them. I strive to adapt my guest experience to each guest individually. I understand many people prefer relaxing with a book or their eyes closed, some need to work remotely, while others love to talk, and some need a little combination of each, and I love it all! The time in my chair is for you.
I welcome any new potential guests to schedule a complimentary consultation prior to their first appointment so we can first meet. This ensures that there is alignment energetically and within your vision.