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Reina Summers

Master Stylist

836 West Broad ST.
Boise, ID 83702
T: 208.955.0400

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Cutting, Coloring


About Reina

I started my career in this industry in 2007. I had a vision to have a viable career behind the chair. One that would fuel my passion in growing my skill set and connecting with people. Since the beginning I have discovered through growth, and becoming a master stylist at Lunatic Fringe, that my love for reaching my guests’ hair goals by providing a variety of my greatest strengths in extensions, color, and cutting that my vision has come true.

I am a lifelong learner! I believe it is vital to invest in yourself to become a master at your craft. I have found through the years that I love the total transformation by providing my guests my expertise in hand-tied extensions, advanced coloring, and cutting. For over a decade, I have invested and become certified in multiple extension methods and have found that my most preferred method is hand-tied. I love giving my guests volume, length, and color to give them their dream hair in one session with me.

I love to enhance my guests’ style while keeping it ever-evolving with the times. My guests’ hair health is important and I am passionate about sharing customized recommendations for their at-home haircare routine.

I am not only a career woman; I am also a mother of three! I value both my family and career and am so grateful to spend my time doing what I love and who I do it with.